Why I don’t do Christmas Countdowns

It is Christmas time! Nothing is like the Christmas season, there is a magic in everything from the music to the bell-ringers right down to decorating the tree and making cookies.

But it seems like above all the holidays, Christmas goes by the fastest. I think we rush the season with countdowns.

With tons of Christmas events, parties, programs, and gatherings the month goes by way too fast, add countdowns into the mix and it’s like the month never happened.

Christmas Countdowns; you tear off a part of the paper-chain, open a door, read part of a story or eat a piece of chocolate, and with that, I feel, the day is rushed to mark off another day.

To me, countdowns rush the month and the days leading to Christmas.

 My motto as of late is to live in the moment, live for today, not tomorrow or yesterday, just today.

The days go fast enough as it is without the holidays, this is the season, out of all of the holidays that we need to slow down the most. Take a breath, don’t think about the following weeks and all the work that needs to be done and live in the moment of today.

Christmas comes once a year, it is a time of reflection of what the season is really about; Jesus is the reason for the season, a time to celebrate when the Messiah came as a baby to save a sinful world.

Why would we want to rush that?

This holiday season, dwell on the present, don’t rush it with countdowns that make the days fly by without warning. Live in the present of the Christmas magic and the warmth of the Saviors love for us.