The Shape of Mercy

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My most humble apologizes for not getting this out yesterday, ‘tis the season for colds…

Both my Sister-in-law and I have an unbelievable to-read list. And usually, we just keep adding to it instead of reading what we have first. Well, last week I checked off one book off my to-read list.

Author: Susan Meissner

Genre: Historical Fiction

Time Era: 1690s and present day

The Shape of Mercy takes place in both present and past times. The past date is during the Salem Witch Trials.

This event is rarely talked about because it is such a dark and frustrating part of history. People had their lives taken away because of injustice, and others accused, judged and tried even though they were innocent.

Mercy Hayworth is a simple farmer’s daughter with her whole life ahead of her. She is young, intelligent, and most importantly, she is innocent. But Mercy can do something few can do during that time era; she can read and write…she writes stories and she keeps a diary of her life during that horrible time.

Lauren is a college student and is employed by a mysterious older woman to transcribe the 400-year-old journal of Mercy Hayworth.

At first, it was just a job for Lauren to make extra money for college, but quickly Lauren is pulled into the incredible story of Mercy Hayworth and the other young women accused during the trials.

While these women were judged and tried way too quickly, Lauren discovers she has made the same mistake, and unlike Mercy, she can fix it.

While Mercy is a fictional character, the author includes/writes about real people who were accused during that horrible time.

This book, to me, was not only a good read but a good challenge as well. Giving a lesson in judging too quickly and even though you see something as to be true, not everything is at it seems sometimes.

I hope this book will be your next read!

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