Wonderland Creek

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It feels like ages since I have last posted! After all, the last time I posted was last year. And yes, I was supposed to post yesterday, but I am posting now! That is what matters. And best of all, it is a book suggestion!

One of the many reasons I love ‘The Princess Bride’ movie (No, I’m not suggesting the book, bare with me) is because it has every genre one would want in a movie; adventure, romance, humor, action, and even a little mystery.

When all those genres come together, they make an amazing story. And when it comes together in a book, even better!

 Wonderland Creek is no exception, it has everything plus more.

Author: Lynn Austin  

Genre: Everything – Historical Fiction

Time Era: Great Depression – 1936

Alice Grace Ripley does not live in the real world, she lives in her land of fiction. Alice always has her nose in a book, and more than once it has proven difficult and painful. From setting fire to her parent’s kitchen and walking into a pole, but that does not hinder her from reading any place any time, even though it proves troublesome.

Alice’s life, to her, is perfect; she has her books, Gordan, and her dream job of working at the local library.

But soon, her perfect world slowly comes crashing down when she loses her job among other things.

At first, Alice is at a loss as to what to do, but then a solution presents itself, one that will turn Alice’s already rocky world even more off-kilter. Alice decides to travel to the mountains of Kentucky to deliver donated books from her library to the little library of Acorn Kentucky.

And it is there she is sucked into the world way different than her town in Illinois. Things are slightly off in Acorn, and Alice has no choice than to go along with it. While there she learns to ride a horse, becomes a pack-horse librarian, takes part in a fake funeral, eats squirrel stew, becomes friends with a mysterious old woman named Lillie, and gets tangled in a years-old mystery that has been haunting the town and its people.

Wonderland Creek is a captivating book that will pull you in. I have read it twice, and even now as I review it again, it makes me want to read it again!

If you want an easy read to get you through the winter blahs, read this.

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