Greatest Life Lesson

Top of the morning to ya! I hope your week is going well. Mine is!

Everyone needs something to smile about once in a while. Something to laugh about.

So, instead of my usual thought-provoking, deep-thinking posts, I’d thought I do something different!

Share a little story with you, and give you a peek into my life.

Many people learn life lessons the hard way; you know…Don’t look up while birds fly over, always look at expiration dates…but for me, my greatest life lesson I have learned is to always take the car keys from my mom when we go to a particular grocery store.

This store is a very unique and funky store in many different ways and makes for an interesting shopping experience, but that’s an article for another day. One particular quirk about the store is that in order to get a carriage you have to insert a quarter in a little box and chain thingy to release it from all the other carts. And when you return the cart you get your coin back.

Due to this funky system, there is an unspoken, unwritten rule/courtesy that if one sees a person with a cart ready to return, you give them your quarter and they give you their cart.

There’s always a lot of exchanging going on, but it’s all very legal…I think, there’s always that one car…anyway! Back to my story here, there are some people that take this rule to a whole new level, for example, my dear mother. Let me first say what she does is not bad, as long as I have the keys. Why you ask? Let me tell you!

My mom loves helping people, mainly elderly people, or people that are just a little bit older than the hula hoop, and she is not doing it for attention, she is just a caring person.

And at this store, it just a regular playground for her.

When we are finished loading our stuff in our car, Mom will take the cart back and if she sees an older person, she will help them put their groceries in their car, and then exchange quarters and put that cart away for that person, and on and on and on. But often, she refuses the quarter and just offers to help instead.  

And, where am I? Sitting in the car with no keys to turn the car on for heat, tunes, or even to open my window, depending on the weather.

After the one time in the freezing month of January of me sitting in the car long enough to memorize the Declaration of Independence, I made it a point to confiscate the keys from mom every time we go to this store, so I can crank the tunes, and heat whilst she assists the customers.

And by no means am I complaining, I admire my mom for doing this, and yes, I sometimes help, and I am all for Mom doing it…as long as I have the keys.