The Butterfly and the Violin

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If someone was to ask me what my favorite book is, I couldn’t answer. One can’t pick a favorite when each book you’ve read left you feeling something different every time.

But, if you asked my favorite time era to read about, I would say World War II, without a doubt.

I love history, and World War II especially interests me. The risks and sacrifices people were willing to make were incredible.

One of my favorite books I have read from that time era is

Author: Kristy Cambron

Genre: Historical Fiction

Time Era: Present Day – 1942

This book takes place in both World War II Austria and present-day New York.

In New York, Sera James is a Manhattan art dealer and art gallery owner. For years she has been searching for a painting she once saw on a trip to Paris with her father. For years the painting has been haunting her. The painting was of a young violinist, the girl and the painting are a mystery.

A mystery Sera intends to get to the bottom of. Her digging brings her to William Hanover who just might have the key to the mysterious woman, and as they continue to dig and research the girl, Sera gets way more than she bargained for.

 Adel Von Bron is a talented violinist, known as “Austria’s sweetheart”, her father is a prominent Austrian military officer, she lives in finery and to any German, she is perfect society girl. But her heart does not beat for the finery, it beats for less fortunate and a strong sense of wanting to see that others are treated fairly. And she does that by helping smuggle Jews out of Vienna, and she is willing to do whatever it takes. Even if it means losing everything. And just in one night, she did. 

One moment she is one stage, playing for both Austria and German Officers, and the next she is arrested for her actions. From a life of privilege, it dissolves into a world of starvation and barbed wire at one of the worst consecration camps. All she is left with is her life and her violin.

There she is forced to join a prisoner orchestra, and now she plays not for Austria, she plays for her life. As her music drifts outside the barbed wire, she wonders if she too, one day, will be able to reach the other side.

Both Adele and Sera struggle and grow in their faith, and though they are separated by years and years of time, they are united in their discovery of finding lasting peace in Christ. One that will get them through the most difficult of times.

Kristy Cambron gives such rich detail to all her characters and their emotions. Her book is beautifully written and gives insight into a part of history that one rarely finds.

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