The Starving Hobbit

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I know, it’s Monday…what’s going on? This is not normal…well, surprise!

Announcement! I will be posting every Monday and Thursday from now on! Monday will be blog post and Thursday will be my book reviews! Totally exciting, right!?

Or, are you more…

Let’s get on with the post!

This post will be a little about me and also educational, don’t worry…it’s not that educational.

About eight months ago, we discovered I was gluten intolerant. What does that mean? I can’t have wheat. But it really means I can longer eat food with flavor.

A lot of people have some sort of intolerance nowadays. But for those who don’t, let me educate you on what it is like, being a label reader!

It is a royal pain in the rear, you would think after a while you would get used to it…nope!! At least not yet anyway…

Let’s break it down, shall we?

Wheat and wheat products are in everything! Sometimes it is hidden and one doesn’t know it until it’s too late…I’ve learned that wheat is not always listed in the allergy facts, thanks, Kit Kat.

So, one must read the entire ingredients making sure there is no wheat. 

So! What do some gluten-free foods taste like? I’m not allowed to say those words…you have to give up a lot of different foods, and you either try and find substitutes for it or give it up.

For example, bread; It took me a while to find a loaf of good bread, the first crumbled in my mouth and tasted like sawdust. And the only good one that tastes like bread, is 10.00 a loaf.

Breadcrumbs or stuffing? There is no flavor, it is like tofu, it takes on the flavor you add to it, otherwise, there is no flavor.

Pizza? ha!! Hello, cardboard crust that is as crunchy as stale pretzels.

Pasta? Ooooh, boy! This we actually found a good sub for, but not before trying out various ones first, including one that I can’t believe is classified as food;

You would think we would have gotten a hint when the pasta water left a ring in the inside of the pan…then we ate it and it ruined perfectly good sauce. It stuck to our teeth and sat like a rock in our stomach.

And it is not enough for you to have given up everything with flavor, you are punished by doing it.

How do you ask? The price of gluten-free food! As I already mentioned, bread is ridiculous.

Anything you buy gluten-free is doubled the normal price of the regular product and half the amount.

There is no win in gluten-free land. for me, you have a constant craving for something you can’t have.

You have to be careful about what you buy, I joined the ranks of the people standing in the aisle’s reading labels annoying everyone including myself.

And it is annoying, having to ask at restaurants or the deli if there is wheat in the food. And usually, we get two reactions; the first one nice and understanding, the other acts like we just asked them to build a rocket ship and make a huge deal about finding out if the food will make me sick or not.

If you should come across a person with a food allergy, be patient. We are struggling enough as it is with the grocery bill.