The Merchants Daughter

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I think we all have a story that gives us the warm and fuzzies. A story or book we love going back to because it makes us happy.

I have a few of those books, and for me, my favorite storyline is; Beauty and the Beast.

Beauty and the Beast is, by far, my favorite fairy tale. There are so many elements of it that make it a very good story.

A girl who does not care what people think of her or her father. And loves to read!

The characters

And unexpected love

No matter how many times I’ve watched the Disney animated version, I still get the warm and fuzzies when Belle and Beast slowly fall in love by looking past appearances.

So, when I find a book that has a Beauty and the Beast theme to it. I grab it!

And this one is my favorite!

Author: Melaine Dickerson  

Genre: Romance, Fantasy

Time Era: 1352 England

Annabel was once the daughter of a wealthy merchant, but when her father died three years ago, Annabel and her family were left destitute and in debt.

But Annabel’s family is lazy and refuses to work, and with her family in debt to the new lord of the land, Annabel’s brother tries to arrange for her to marry the horrid bailiff Tom. But she refuses.

So, Annabel takes the “punishment” for her family and becomes a servant to Lord Ranulf le Wyse, who everyone seems to think is terrifying, but will not mistreat his servants.

Now she is trapped in indentured servitude to Lord Ranulf. A mysterious scarred, hurting and beastly man.

Once Annabel pays off her family’s debts, her wish is to become a nun so that she can read the Word of God. And she prays that one day she can…But, God answered her prayers in a different way when she is given an opportunity to read the Bible to Lord Ranulf every evening. It is in those quiet times she begins to see a different side of him, and he sees the difference in her.

With the horrid bailiff Tom still lurking in the shadows, and her family’s debt to pay off, Annabel is struggling with everything. And to add to that, she begins to have feelings for Lord Ranulf.

What will happen to Annabel?

This story was so much more than a story about two people. It’s a story of God’s love and redemption. It’s a story about people in a town allowing themselves to be led astray by a person of evil intent. And Annabel and Lord Ranulf will fight for what they know is right.

It really is a tale as old as time.

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