Small Town Living Part One (Repost)

I have been blogging for 6 months now, I can’t believe it. It has not been easy, and I know I’ve got a long way to go. But I am thankful I’ve gotten this far and I look forward to whatever is ahead.

I looked back to my first posts and found one that is, I think, worth a repost.

Because it will give you a little glimpse into my life both now and past.

Since I was 9-years-old, my parents and I have lived in a small country town in Wisconsin.

Growing up and living in a village (yes, we are called a village) with a population of just over 780 people, is truly a unique experience and way of life. Hence the reason this post is part one of many.

One might ask; what is it like living in a small town? Well, to sum up, it’s like living in a fishbowl.

Everyone knows everyone, and what’s happening everywhere anytime!

Upon first moving to the village, we knew no one and no one knew us. So, my Mom got the brilliant idea of applying for a job of delivering newspapers around town. 

And I was like…

I was not quite for it, but hey, maybe it won’t be that bad…wrong!

Any job you have is going to a daily job, it is either a nine to five type, or if you have my Dad’s job, 12-hour shifts, but you can have sick days and vacation days, but not with the paper route!

It was 365 days a year; holidays, rain or shine, wind hail or snow, hot or bitter cold! No excuses, we delivered no matter what.

We had until 5 pm each day to get the papers out, but Mom had her own rule, all papers had to be delivered by 9 am. Which meant we were up fairly early, had a quick breakfast, get the papers bagged, loaded into the car by 7:30ish. There were four paper routes in the village, we had three, it would take us until close to 9 to deliver all the papers.

Overall it was okay, especially around Christmas time, the tips and gifts that we got were amazing and fun! But there were days I questioned why we’re doing this, like the time Mom thought it would be a good idea to bike half the route on a very cold fall morning, or the times we got chased by dogs or delivering in the snow!  That one I will never forget.

It was around Christmas time one year that we got a huge snowstorm, and the following morning we had to deliver papers in waist-deep snow. We had to park where we could and walk a good portion of the route because the side streets were not plowed yet. We were way later than 9 that day getting the papers out, and people let us know! Despite the conditions, they wanted the paper now!

Well ho ho ho, and a lump of coal for you! We were freezing our tails off getting the paper out, have another cup of coffee and take a chill pill! You’ll find out what happened to Garfield soon enough!

But, as I said, overall it was okay…for the first year, after that it began to be a bit of a pain.  

But it was the routes that gave us the opportunity to meet and get to know the people of the village, and also for them to get to know us. The aliens, the transplanted people from another state.

And after two years of torture, we got to know a good portion of the people, some we became super close to, having the route was not fun, but it brought a good result…we were accepted into the village…yeah, that sounds weird…anyway!

Thank you so much for reading my ramblings today!

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