Castles and Other Favorites

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It is a book filled post!

I don’t know about anyone else, sometimes I just don’t know what I want to read. I will have this craving to read something, but I don’t know what! So, I tend to read a little bit of everything before figuring out which genre I want. And usually, after that, I will read that genre for quite a while before switching it up. So, I tend to go through book mood swings. Here some of my favorite go-to books for each genre I like.

Sometimes I want something historical with romance. Of my favorite books from that category is:

Taking place during the Civil War, Irish immigrant Maggie Malone wants no part of the war. But her two brothers join Missouri’s Union Irish Brigade. Soon one of their names appears on a list of injured soldiers.

Desperate for news, Maggie heads for Boonville where is caught up in the war and captures the attention of Sergeant John Coulter. And before she knows it, she is a part of the brigade, and she discovers how capable she is of helping the men she comes to think of as “her boys.” And while she battles with the primitive conditions of the camp, she also battles with Sergeant John Coulter. Maggie sees herself as someone a man would court, but John Coulter is determined to convince her otherwise.

If I had to describe this book simply, it would be; a really, really, good book.

Sometimes I want something suspenseful. Something that makes you grip the book. Like

I don’t think I have read a DiAnn Mills book I don’t like. I have lost count of how many times I have read this book.

Or sometimes I want something simple, sappy, contemporary and predictable.

And sometimes I want to read something that has every genre you can have in a book: adventure, romance, mystery, and humor

After happily-ever-after dream falls apart. Alice Grace Ripley then travels to the mountains of Kentucky to deliver donated books from her library to the little library of Acorn, Kentucky. While there she learns to ride a horse, becomes a pack-horse librarian, takes part in a fake funeral, eats squirrel stew, becomes friends with a mysterious old woman named Lillie, and gets tangled in a years-old mystery that has been haunting the town and its people.

Wonderland Creek is a captivating book that will pull you in.

And sometimes I just want something romantic that takes place in the Middle Ages. With the Knights in shining armor battling for their Princess.

Okay, yeah, that does sound extremely Disney. But I do love a good Middle Ages book. Something that is rare to find that does not have extras added.

So, my go-to book for that is

Author: Tracie Peterson   

Genre: Romance  

Time Era: Middle Ages

This is a four-in-one book. Each one about a Maiden meeting their Knight.

The First Book is: Kingdom Divided. Arianne has finally escaped her father in an arranged marriage. She finds kindness and love in her new husband. Until the past threatens to break the castle gates and takes her hostage as well.

Book two: Alas My Love. Helena has escaped her savage stepbrother and stepsister. But to enter the castle walls of safety. She must first overcome a King’s decree.

Book three: If Only. Mary is a physician’s daughter who brings health and life to others. Even risking her own life in the process. But, will a Knight in real shining armor, protect her from the danger?

Book Four: Five Geese Flying. Jeanine escapes a cruel arranged marriage just in time. Only to find herself at risk of losing her heart to a conqueror.

Castles is a wonderful collection of medieval stories. Handsome knights and lovely maidens who will find God’s love and power in the triumph of each story.

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