The Swiss Courier

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As I have said before, my Mom and I swap books often. When I get a stack from the library, she looks through them and then tries and takes one. Um, nope! Not happening, these are my books!

And her defense is “you are not going to read all of those at the same time” Oh, yeah? Watch me!

If I have a really good new book, I don’t want Mom to know all the exciting things that happen before me!

But, alas, she got ahead of me on this one. Once she was finished with it, I grabbed it! And as soon as I started reading it, it pulled me in.

It is a fast-paced, suspenseful novel takes you along treacherous twists and turns during a fascinating–and deadly–time in history.

Author: Tricia Goyer & Mike Yorkey

Genre: Historical Fiction

Time Era: 1944 Germany – Switzerland

The Swiss Courier is a well-researched and excellently written piece of historical fiction (with a little bit of romance) set in August of 1944.

Joseph Engel is a German physicist working on a project that could change the course of the war, for the worse. But soon Engel discovers that he is actually a Jew, adopted by Christian parents, now in danger of being discovered by the German people he works for. With his research and life now at risk, he must flee for his life to neutral Switzerland with the help of Gabi Mueller.

Young Swiss-American Gabi Mueller works for the American Office of Strategic Services, close to the enemy lines of Germany. At first, her work is low-level, and not all that important. But Gabi has a rare talent, she is a safecracker. And she is asked to crack a safe to retrieve some very important documents. From there she becomes involved in a bigger more important job.

Soon she finds herself at the center of an important mission to rescue the German physicist Joseph Engel.

And so, a pastor’s daughter becomes a “courier”, delivering a pivotal “package” safely into the hands of the Allies.

She also finds herself wrestling with her own heart along the way, as she considers the excitingly employed men she works with and the humble farmer she left behind.

In her adventures, Gabi consistently finds that looks can be deceiving, and that is one of the main themes of this novel, which provides our heroine with a few devastating blows and several happy surprises.

Besides Gabi and Engel, there are several other characters involved whose storylines are gradually woven together: Dieter Baumann, Gabi’s boss at the OSS office, is he a friend or a foe?

Bill Palmer, is an American pilot whose plane went down over Switzerland and who is now being detained there for the duration of the war, or will his services be called back into action?

Bruno Kassler is the local German chief who is determined to capture Engel and thereby further his own career in the military;

And then the mysterious “Jean-Pierre”, an espionage agent working for the Swiss resistance.

It is a page-turner. Filled with suspense from the prologue, I couldn’t stop reading until the final page. Just when I thought I had it all figured out and had an idea on what was going to happen next, the plot takes an unexpected turn.

I won’t say how late I stayed up to finish this book, and I was beyond shocked about the ending.

It was a gripping tale of loyalty, love and courage.

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