The Story of My Life

Good morning, everyone!

I’m back! Did ya miss me? No?

Ok! Moving on!

Last Monday I was going to post the story of my life, and I didn’t. After reading it over, I decided that it was not going to happen. For two reasons; One, was the thought that it was unexciting, even though it is not, and second, my story and who I am felt inadequate compared to others.

But why should I feel inadequate to others? God has set each one of us apart for a reason. He has given each of us a story, a life unlike any others, so why feel “ashamed” of it?

This is MY story, and it is who I am.

How would I start writing the story of my life? Would I start in the middle or where I am now and work my way back?

I can’t help but think about how The Princess Bride starts out, ‘Buttercup was raised on a small farm in the country of Florin…’ William Goldman starts his book out introducing the character and place.

So, you know the character of my story. Me, Gabbi. My given name is actually Abigail, but I love Gabbi, and it suits me just fine.

And now the place; I’ve made it no secret that I live in Wisconsin, but that’s not where my story begins…in begins in the state of Oregon, many years ago when my brothers found out some very shocking news.

I was a major surprise, both for my parents, but even more for my brothers. When they found out Mom was having a girl, during the ultrasound, my brothers asked the Doc to look again. Hoping that is was a misreading. Nope, it was a girl.

And my brother’s where like

They had no idea what they were going to do with a girl, a baby sister!

Despite the age difference, they were really good brothers growing up. I got them into trouble, they got me into trouble, and they taught me all the bad habits Mom didn’t want me to learn. Such as burping, and other questionable talents…oh, the stories I could tell…but I won’t.

In between the bad habits, they gave me good things as well; such as my love for Looney Tunes, Star Wars, and photography.

All three of us were raised by amazing parents, Mom and Dad…or as I like to call them; Mama Bear and Papa Bear. Oh, the things I could say and write about them…all good things of course. My parents are my everything; my support, love, comedy relief, and everything in between.

I could not ask for better parents, they themselves have an amazing story. My Dad was born and raised in Oregon and my Mom was born and raised in Maine.

Did they meet in Maine? Nope! Oregon? Nope! Bible School in New Brunswick, Canada! My Dad was a Pastor, so they traveled coast to coast five times before settling finally in Oregon.

My childhood, in a word, was, epic. Amazing. Memorable. And other exciting sounding words.

But, where to begin? Well, let’s start with some familiar words, when I was toddler, we lived on a small farm, consisting of cows, large gardens, drinking from the garden hose and hay fever.

That was fun. Then later we moved again and started a different type of “work”. When I was five my family began to be involved with the Fire Department/EMT’s.

Oh, the stories I could tell from those days…those days are my proudest family memories. I’ve seen and heard things that I will never forget, but I am extremely proud and thankful for those days. It has given me the best memories that I often look back on.

Little did I know that those days were going to be cut short. When I eight, our entire world was turned upside down.

In was an August morning, I remember coming out of my room and Mom making me sit down in the living room, she had something to tell me and my brothers.

On the front page of the morning paper where big, bold letters announcing that the company my Dad had been working for since before I was born, was sold to a company in the unknown state of Wisconsin.

The only thing we knew about Wisconsin was that it was cold. That was it.

The new company offered jobs, but Dad wasn’t sure if he should accept or not, because that meant uprooting everything we ever knew and moving to an unknown state.

But, through God’s guidance and clear will for us, we moved.

We bought a house without seeing it and traveled 2500 miles across unknown territory just a couple weeks before Christmas. Everything was done by faith. Just simple faith that God was going to help and guide us through that time, and that’s something has stuck with me, how all you need is faith and God will guide you.

We knew no one in Wisconsin, all our family was either in Maine or Oregon, it was really difficult. The first few years in Wisconsin were hard for me, I missed Oregon and having family around, I think I was in a bit of denial that this new state and house was going to be permanent and it took me a while to finally accept everything.

And now, 15 years later, that cold, unknown state has become my home.

While I still miss Oregon somewhat, my memory of my childhood there is faded, Wisconsin is my home. And there is no way I am moving again. So far, I have moved five times.

And I am done!

In those 15 years, I have become an Aunt, musician, writer, photographer, and have traveled to 23 different states.

That is just the tip of the iceberg of the story of my life. There are many potholes, trials, triumphs, good times and bad.

But you put everything together you get me.

A stubborn, sarcastic, wears-her-heart-on-her-sleeve, short, always dreaming, music-loving, Daughter of the One True King.