Gratitude Journaling

Back in November, I talked about being thankful, and often we “limit” our thankfulness to one month.

Mostly because it is the thing to do around Thanksgiving.

And then once the holiday season is over, we tend to go back to our old ways.

Which is extremely easy because we live in a world where it is not easy to be grateful and often, we compare what others have to what we have.

There is not a week that goes by when I don’t think ‘I wish we could…’ or ‘I wish we had…’ or ‘why can’t things be different?’

We get caught up in what we don’t have and forget what we do have. And for me, I am ashamed to say, I find it easier to be ungrateful and negative than to try and find something to be thankful for, or look on the bright side.

My Mom always sees the silver lining, and it drives me bonkers sometimes. There could be a horrible situation, but Mom will find something to be happy or grateful for.

But, as much as it drives me nuts, she has a good outlook, and more often than not, she is right.

Because I have discovered that when you go down the path of negativity, it can bring you down and create a very unpleasant feeling.

But, how does one conquer being ungrateful? How would you change from seeing the bad to seeing the good? First, we need to see the good, and then the bad won’t seem, well, as bad.

And for me, the best way to see that, list it out!

I was reading a blog post one day and inspiration struck. The Sarcastic Elf is my favorite blog to read, and she wrote about Journaling Joy. And I loved that she said. She talked about 100 Days of Happiness and Journaling Joy.

And I think when you are happy, you are thankful. So, I decided to try and do Gratitude Journaling.

In the evening, I take my journal and I list 10 things I was thankful for that day, and I have found it to be very rewarding.

And sometimes they are not big things; one was that I thankful I didn’t spill the salad on the kitchen floor while I was mixing it up.

Another thing I was thankful for was I put a screen protector on my phone with no bubbles!

And sometimes it’s a big thing, I was thankful we didn’t get hit by that car who wasn’t paying attention.

The things that we are thankful for don’t have to be big, they can be small and trivial.

The Sarcastic Elf’s post was Journaling Joy, where you Journal something that makes you happy or brings you joy. Which I also incorporate in my Gratitude Journaling.

Like watching an adorable puppy being walked by my window, listening to my favorite song at top volume, or painting my nails my favorite color.  

Another thing I like to do is every time something good or funny happens, I write it down in detail. Either in my journal or my phone. Sometimes it’s just a funny thing my Mom or Dad said. That way I can look back on the good times during the bad. And often it’s those little things that help me get through the bad times, knowing that good times ahead once again.

I find Gratitude Journaling very fun, and rewarding. Because when I do write down the 10, I feel pretty good and happy inside. The more we look for something to be thankful, the happier and healthier we will feel.

And sometimes when we write down those little things, we will look back and discover those were the big things. I love looking back on the little things that I once wrote, sometimes it’s those joyous moments that get us through the bad times.

I may have said it before, but I often say…

Take time to write down the little things that made you smile today and those top 10 thankful moments.

It will be worth it, trust me.