The World Still Turns

I think we all can agree that the world has turned upside down. It feels like madness, a nightmare that we all want to wake up from.

We want things to get back to normal, and for it to be over! But you know what?

The world is still turning, you know how? Because an Almighty God is keeping the world turning on its axis.

And God is keeping everything together. Colossians 1:17-18 says that God holds creation together.

Think of everything God has created, from the seeds planted in the soil, to animals, to the millions of stars above us, God is holding it all together. We are also God’s creation,

Ephesians 2:10 says that we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus…

God created us in His image, we are His creation, so He is also holding us together, and He is holding our hand.

Isaiah 41:13 says the Lord holds our right hand and says “do not fear

The Lord holds our right hand, wow, that’s amazing. The hands of God are powerful,

Isaiah 48:13 says that hands of God has laid the foundation of the earth, and His right hand stretched out the heavens.

Those same hands, the ones that once healed the leper, the ones that made the blind man see, and the ones that stretched out on the cross to save us, those hands hold ours. And he says “do not fear.”

With that being said, why are we worrying? Why are we panicking?

What is happening today, did not take God by surprise. He knows what is happening, so we need to leave it in His all-powerful hands.

Because with those hands, He holds ours and keeps creation together. We may feel that everything is hopeless, and this situation will never get better, but the world is still turning, God is still in control, so don’t lose heart and waste your time worrying.

When we worry, and dwell on the bad, we miss out on things. Spring is upon us, birds are singing, nests are being made, new life is about to be born.

Just yesterday morning, we found a rabbit making her nest right under our clothesline. Which is right outside our kitchen window. I am so excited to watch the process and see the bunnies!

Spring is a beautiful time, soon flowers will bloom, and gardens will be planted.

Don’t miss the wonders and magic of spring by dwelling on something you have no control over.

Do not be anxious, cast all your worries on the One who cares for you.

My blog post last week was about not letting your ship go down, and rowing towards better times.

Keep rowing to the better days ahead. They will be there; you just have to keep hope and have faith.

The world is still turning, life goes on, be courageous knowing God is holding everything together, and do not worry.