Staying Sane

Good Morning all!

Some of you may or may not have noticed that I have not been posting a book review every week.

It’s hard to post a review when I don’t even feel like reading. It’s hard to focus on anything during this challenging time.

It has been a month since we’ve been to Church, since I’ve seen my friends, over a month since I’ve seen my brothers and their families. My nieces and nephew are growing too fast, and I know they miss us as much as we miss them.

How can I focus on a book with all that going on? How can I focus on anything?

Well, let me tell you how, you just do. Because if you do nothing but dwell on the world situation, or on everything you can’t do, you’ll go crazy, wacko, off your rocker!

You just have to tell yourself that God is in control, not anyone else, and there’s nothing we can do about the situation…except stay home!

Which is something we’ve been doing…and I discovered in the very early days of staying home, that I needed something to keep busy.

While we’ve kept our daily routine as normal as possible, we still have a lot of time to do stuff.

I have books from the library, my friends and I are emailing and texting every, but I still needed to do something else.

So, here is what I’ve been doing and the books I’ve been trying to read.

Since it is Thursday, I’ll do the books first. I checked out a stack of books a week before the library closed, and now since they won’t be open for a while, the due dates for my books is not until June 1st!

I’m glad I checked out some good ones! I can’t review the books right now; due to the fact I have not finished any of them yet. But I can give an overview of what I’ve read so far.

Nicholas Brentwood is a former criminal, but now he has turned his ways and has become a Bow Street Runners, London’s police force.

He is very rough around the edges and brings criminals to justice, but now he has met his match in

Miss Emily Payne. A spoiled young woman who is not used to being told what to do, and Brentwood is up for the challenge. As he takes on a bodyguard position protecting the spoiled Emily as her father leaves for an extended period of time.

Soon Brentwood comes to the realization that there more than meets the eye.

I’ve read a couple of Rachel Hauck’s books, and this is one of her newer releases.

So far, I love this book. It takes place in both the Revolutionary War and present day.

The stories are woven together through a single love letter written during the war.

I don’t think I have read a Julie Klassen book that I didn’t like. She has a way of pulling you in and making you feel that you are in the story.

This book, so far is no different. Mariah Aubrey has been banished after a scandal, she goes and lives in long-abandoned gatehouse on the far edge of a distant relative’s estate.

Captain Matthew Bryant successful navy captain recently returned from the Napoleonic wars and soon takes over Mariah’s relatives’ estate.

And that’s all I’ve read so far, I don’t know what the scandal is, and Captain Matthew has not introduced much yet.

I have two more books I’m trying to get into, but I am on the fence on whether I like them or not, so I won’t go into those.

Besides trying to read, I’ve also been trying to do “artsy” things. Like many people on Pinterest, I have a DIY board filled with ideas. I see a really creative idea, I pin it, and that’s as far as it goes.

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Until now! I’ve tackled two artsy pins and they were not Pinterest fails! Yay me!

The one I’ve loved doing is this…

It is canvas, sharpies, and rubbing alcohol.

Super easy and fun! There are so many possibilities!

I probably would have not have even thought of doing crafty things had I not been stuck at home!

Besides that, I’ve been journaling, coloring, watching movies and trying to read.

And between all that, I’ve been staying somewhat sane, every once in a while, I go coo coo, but who hasn’t?

What have you been doing to keep busy?

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