Journal Prompt – I am looking forward to…

Good morning!

I hope everyone has had a really good week so far. Let’s end the week with a fun journal prompt.

There are many ways to fill in this one. It could be a future event, either big or minor, or something that is happening next week. Or it could just be something.

For me, I am looking forward to seeing my week-old nephew tomorrow. And then I am looking forward to the UPS truck and my package. I ordered something cool and I am so excited!

But really, I’m looking forward to the next few months. I think we all had high hopes for this new year back in January or even December. It’s not gone according to plan. It’s gone according to God’s plan, but not ours.

But! We’ve still got many more days and months ahead of us. Let’s make the most of it…from a 6-foot distance of course. 🙂

I’m looking forward to summer and living each day to the fullest as much as I can. Even if it’s something little, like walking out to the lighthouse and watching the ferry come in.

Family BBQs, fireworks, summer nights, bonfires, painted toes with flip-flops, and lemonade on the front porch.

Whatever it is, I am looking forward to it! But more than that, I’m going to be thankful for each moment.

A lot of things were taken away from us in the past months, and now that we have them back, we should be more grateful for everything and enjoy each moment.

Sometimes looking forward to the fun things helps us get through the rough patches. That makes those fun times that much sweeter!