The Thoughts from a Blogger Notebook

A notebook is a blogger’s best friend. It’s always there when inspiration strikes, but it’s also there to catch the thoughts of a blogger.

The thoughts are caught on the tip of the pencil and flow to the paper without interruption. No one sees these thoughts, only the paper does, but once in a while, a writer feels she must share what is on those pages….

From the pages of my blogging notebook

I am a blogger; I pick up my pencil every day and write the words that have been formed in my head.

The thoughts and words that were sprouted from something I heard, read, or saw. From those thoughts, words form sentences, which form into blog posts.

I share a little bit of my heart each week in my posts, but sometimes I feel like I am writing to a void; an empty space with no reactions.

I’ve been blogging for almost a year now, and while I know I’m still in the beginning stage, I just have to wonder…when?
When will I see a reaction? When will I read a comment of encouragement? Or get a like or a share?

A writer needs to hear encouraging words, a like click, something to know her work is not in vain. While I do not plan on stopping blogging or writing, I just have to wonder, how and when?

How will my blog grow and when?

I’ve gone over the numbers, I’ve seen the stats, they are low. By month, the numbers grow, but by post, it is very unimpressive.

Another blogger I follow, The Sarcastic Elf, posted last week an article called Dear Beginning Blogger, and I found her post highly encouraging. Knowing and reading that other bloggers started out rough, but soon their blog took off.

But for right now, my blog is stuck in the bog of nowhere, and I just have to wonder, what will get me out of that bog?

I want this blog to be a good and encouraging thing, my goal and mission for this blog is for people to come away inspired. Inspired about their walk with Christ and His word, inspired to look at things differently, and just inspired about life overall.

I remember my second post I wrote, my blog had been up for about a week, and I wrote about my reason for blogging and my mission. Of course, that post was seen by two people, my Mom and Dad, I had no followers or Social Media outlets…so I guess I’m doing better than my first three months.

Anyway, that post was called ‘Shining My Light’, and it told the story and the inspiration behind my blog…

It was during my devotions one morning that some verses that I’ve read dozens of times before suddenly spoke to me.

Mathew 5: 14-16 says

14 “You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.

15 Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house.

16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.”

This is what I want to do. I have a light inside me and I want to let it shine! I have had a desire and a passion for writing for as long as I can remember, and now I want to share what’s inside me and shine my light.

That will be my ultimate goal for this blog; to shine my light and glorify my Father in heaven. Though my posts will be about a lot of different topics, not just spiritual topics, God has given me the ability to write and express and I plan on using that gift to the best of my ability.

And I hope my light will shine through my words and you will see it.

While that is all inspiring and motivational, my blog is going through a “dull period” and I need to get it fired up!

But to do that, two things need to happen; I need to be consistent, not give up, and keep going. Second, I need to hear feedback, what do you want to read about? What are your favorite posts that I have written? Favorite subjects to read about?

I need to hear and see interest; famous authors, simple bloggers all started out small, but people gave them feedback became better at their trade, I need that.

If a puppy with a flopped ear can get dozens of comments, why can’t I? I know, I’m not a puppy, but you get the point…I hope.

I see successful blogs, some making income through a source I’m doing, but to no avail. (Pssst, the Amazon ads are mine, if you buy something on one of my ads, I get a small commission)

I ask this question to a void, knowing I will not hear an answer; I enjoy writing, I love the thought of someone being inspired through my words, but, when? How? When will I become the blogger I dream of? How will it happen?

But, you know what? I will not give up; famous authors were rejected and they went on to be famous; Dr. Seuss and Agatha Christie being two of them.

So, I will not give up, I believe God has given me the “gift” of writing, and I will continue to write and blog or that one person who might need it.

I’m sure many bloggers and writers have gone through that bog of dullness and nothingness, so I will too. Watch Me.

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