Top 10 Ways to Enjoy Summer to the Fullest

It’s summer! Time for bonfires, s’mores, fireworks, and BBQs!

Even though a lot of places are still closed, and maybe a vacation had to be canceled, that does not mean we can’t enjoy summer to the fullest!

My family’s summer has been a tad too busy and crazy, but it has been adventurous, to say the least…

I think its time to put worry on hold, put aside those projects that will always be there and go out and enjoy summer.

Here are my

Number One – Live in the Moment

I’ve written a post on this subject (Living Only for Today) But it is the number one thing to do during the crazy summer months. Focus on the fun, the laughter, and today’s memories.

Make more of those memories by living for today and not tomorrow. It makes the days last just a little bit longer by living in the moment.

Number Two – Be Spontaneous

This is something my mom and I like to do. If we are on our way back from town, and have a to-do list, but see a yard sale or something, we will be spontaneous and stop.

You never what could happen, or the memories that you could make just by doing something spontaneous. And you never know what it might be; just be ready for it.

Number Three – Eat that Ice Cream

There is nothing more boring, or such a killjoy than a person who is a calorie counter in the heart of the sweetest season.

Don’t bring a tomato to eat at the family picnic, it’s summer! Live a little, you don’t have to go overboard, as they say; everything in moderation. Just enough to enjoy the tastes of summer

Number Four – Have a bonfire or BBQ with tunes

This is one we do often; whenever we have a bonfire, there are always tunes involved. I get out my trusty Bluetooth speaker (This is the one I use, and it’s waterproof, so it is perfect for summer) and crank the tunes!!

Create an outdoor concert in the backyard.

Number Five – Go Outside

Yes, this one goes with having a bonfire, but if you can’t have one, you can still go outside.

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is sitting on the front porch with some lemonade, listen to the birds, and watch the world go by.

Number Six – Visit Local Attractions

Last month we visited the thumb of Wisconsin (also known as Door County) it was so much fun and beautiful! We visited lighthouses, walked some trails, went to a few shops, and just explored the thumb.

Almost everything was outside, so we saw a lot of places we’ve never have seen before.

Take some time to explore some parks or places that you’ve never been to or seen before.

Number Seven – Craft

There are so many fun crafts and artsy projects that are fun to do in the summer. Some for indoors and some outside.

For some indoor kid fun, and a favorite of my kiddos, painting! Window art is a super fun and easy craft to do, and it adds some summer decorations to their rooms!

Another favorite is cloud dough, it’s just conditioner and corn starch. It is a little messy but super fun!

For outdoors, anything with water is fun, like a slip-in-slide, but for some nighttime fun, try this!

Get some water bottles, glow sticks, and go bowling!

Number Eight – Paint the nails

There is no better winning summer combo than painted toes and flip-flops! You don’t have to go to the nail salon, just do it yourself!

My favorite go-to polish is Essy, and an easy design to do is getting a bobby-pin, dipping it in polish, and doing either three dots on the big toe, or just do polka dots!

Number Nine – Don’t stress or worry

Summer can be stressful and crazy, don’t let it get to you. Summer is a magical, fun, bright, and care-free season. It is meant to be enjoyed and not stressed.

Take a breath and enjoy it.

Number Ten – Read

I had to put reading books on the list! Before the sun decided to come to earth and give us 100-degree weather and thunderstorms, we would sit outside and read.

Some of my favorite summertime reads are… (and I don’t mean they take place in summer; they are just fun easy reading…

Wonderland Creek (Amazon Link)

Secretly Smitten (Amazon Link)

Short Straw Bride (Amazon Link)

A Change of Fortune (Amazon Link)

A Match Made in Texas (Amazon Link)

So, there ya have it! My Top 10 Ways to Enjoy Summer to the fullest!

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