I’m Back! And I’ve got books!

Good morning Afternoon!

*Cue triumphal music*

I am back!!

And I am ready to write again!

Today’s post is more of an update of where I have been and to let you know that I have not forgotten about my blog or my faithful readers…wherever they are.

The past couple of weeks, and months for that matter, have been crazy! Let’s see…what happened?

We had the kiddos a lot, I have another new nephew that was born just last week!

We had a medical emergency, I started writing a book, got sick due to the 100+ degree weather we have been having and the humidity is making my hair frizzy…besides that…nothing much has been going on.

The month has been filled with ups and downs; it is some of those downs that inspired my blog post for Monday. It is called ‘Blindsided’ and it is about being blindsided by trials, how it can either make or break us, and how to deal with earth-shattering trials.

So, in between the craziness, I have new ideas for posts and I am thinking of sharing some of the short stories I have written. Each of the stories was written during different joys, trials, and whenever inspiration struck.

Anyway…my reading list has been updated and the Kids book page has new books!!

So, check them out!! Some pretty unique books this week.

Incling one called ‘The Library of Lost Things’ ‘Just Let Go’ and ‘Dawn Comes Early’

That’s pretty much it. I will have a Gratitude Journal Prompt on Friday and back to normal next week!