Journal Prompt -What Brings You Genuine Joy?

It is a common misconception that we need things to be happy or content. That could not be further than the truth; the best things in life are either free or really simple, and they bring genuine joy.

Growing up, my family and I didn’t have a lot, but we had enough, we appreciated what we had and if we didn’t have something, we simply went without it and were thankful for what we did have.

Since I did grow up that way, it gave me a unique outlook on life; enjoy the little things.

I was thankful for the little things that came my way, and those things were free, simple and they brought genuine joy.

Some things that bring genuine joy are…

Listening to Music

Turning on my favorite Pandora station and blasting it! It shuts the world out for a while and helps me recharge my “introvert battery”.

Live in the Moment

When I don’t look ahead and just enjoy the now, brings joy and relief. Let tomorrow worry about itself, and just keep your mind focused on today.

Accomplish Something

We all have unfinished projects, something we started and never finished. Or something we should do, but keep putting it off. Whatever it is, when I finish a project, I get so happy! I DID IT!


Giving or receiving a hug is a good and enjoyable thing. It has been scientifically proven hugs reduce stress…give one, take one, it is a good thing.

Do something you love

Every day we have a to-do list, things that have to get done, and it can get pretty mundane. Treat yourself every day by doing something you love.

Read a chapter or two…or three, play candy crush, make those brownies, take a walk (you are going to need to after the brownies) watch the latest episode of your favorite show.

Whatever it is, do it. The to-do list will always be there, take a minute or two for you.

And lastly

Just Enjoy Life

Don’t worry about tomorrow, or next week, don’t stress that meeting coming up, take a breath and say “it’s okay.”

Jobs, meetings, to-do lists, dishes, chores, they will always be there. Some things won’t be, so take time to enjoy life and when we do, we will have joy.

Genuine Joy.

So, what brings you Genuine Joy?

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