It Has Been One Year

I was all set to write a Jelly Bean Post yesterday, but while I was on Facebook, a memory popped up.

It was one year ago, this week that I launched my blog. I can’t believe it has been one year.

When I first launched my blog, I was excited and nervous. My world was heading in a direction that was completely strange and weird. Because blogging was a strange path to choose. I have had a desire and a love for writing for as long as I could remember.

In my post My Blogging Journey Part One I talked about why I wanted to blog and my first step.

I forget when the idea of blogging came into my head, or how I even found out about it. But, once it entered my head, it never left.

The thought of blogging, and letting my words fly was really exciting. Because for the longest time, I knew there was something deep inside me that needed to come out. And I knew blogging would help me express and get my words out.

Blogging? What a waste of time! It wouldn’t work, everyone would think I was nuts! Off my rocker! Surely my family and friends would think I was a few fries short of a happy meal if I told them.

I struggled with the idea, I knew how I felt when I wrote; feeling the words fly from my heart to the pencil onto paper, but to try and tell others about it was difficult.

Finally, one day, every feeling and emotion came bursting out, I told my mom everything. My fears, dreams, and through the tears I began to feel a little better. Funny how talking to mom always helps everything.

If Mom believed that this was what God had in store for me, and I believed it was, then she was going to back me all that way.

But there was still just one problem. I was still scared spitless of the reaction of my family and friends.

I still thought and felt there was an invisible bar/standard I had to meet being an adult. And if I didn’t meet it, then people would think I’ve failed at life and may think poorly of me.

And after months of doubt, worry, research, and more fear mixed with excitement, I launched my blog in September of 2019.

Back when I wrote that post, I said;

And now, months later, I still struggle with who I am and what I do. And I do as I write this.

I am beginning to no longer have that struggle, I am seeing good in what I do. This blog has opened doors and is giving me new ideas. I am writing a book; I am growing in my Christian walk by writing the Monday Devotionals, and it is all because I took a huge leap of faith.

In Part Two of my Blogging Journey, I talked about the “struggles” of being a writer/blogger, and what it is like being one.

 It can be a little overwhelming on the amount of work one has to put into blogging. I knew there was a lot, but in the early stages, I had no idea.

Back when I wrote that, I was not posting as often as I do now, so the amount of work has somewhat doubled. Each post can take up to three or four hours, or even more, to do.

I first write out a rough draft in my notebook, I then type it up, filling in the needed blanks and adding things. Then create the needed graphics, about 90% of all the graphics I use on here I create myself.

Next I go to WordPress, copy my post over to there, add in the graphics, proofread, and then post.

Monday Devotionals tend to take a little longer to create, finding the right Bible verses can be challenging sometimes, but it is all worth it.

Few can fully understand what it is like to be a writer/blogger. It is an elite club of slightly crazy people, just wanting to share with the world a part of them and their creations.

Why crazy? Well, this is why…

And sometimes you can crack

But, in all seriousness, being a blogger is a truly unique experience; words that I type on my laptop in my home, in my tiny village, is read worldwide. I have readers and followers all over the world. Amazingly, people I have never met or seen are reading my work. Thank you for reading.

And I have done some work! On September 4, 2019, I posted for the very first time, a post called Introducing Myself. Followed by Shining my Light and Too Quick to Judge. Since then, I’ve posted (including today’s) 83 blog posts.

And out of those 80+ posts, I have some favorites.

Being A Wallflower Part One and Two.

Part One Link
Part Two Link

Where I talked about being an introvert and the myths and truths surrounding the introvert world.



The word ‘overcomer’ comes from the Greek word meaning ‘to conquer’ or ‘to have victory.’ The word reflects a genuine superiority that leads to overwhelming success.

In life, we all have things we struggle with; whether it is being an introvert, worry, anxiety, or maybe a health problem. No matter what it is, it does not have to define who we are, it does not have to “label” us.

While we can’t change who God created us to be, we don’t have to fall back on excuses or old habits that we know are wrong. Such as “I’ve tried to change, but it never works”. It’s easy to say we can’t change, but through Christ, all things are possible.

Words are Powerful – Words are Life


Research shows people use between 7,000 to 15,000 words per day…more if you are a wife or mom.

How much in 10,000 words per day, do you use the words ‘thank you’? Or ‘please’? Or maybe compliment someone or say hi?

While we don’t know the full possibility of how we can use our words, we often don’t take full advantage of it.

We are living in a very negative time, hate words are being thrown around like bubbles, there is a lot of negative energy that could be turned into some positive vibes. And all it takes is some simple words of kindness.



In life, we can go through months or weeks of feeling that everything is good. A blessing or an answered prayer comes our way. We might even let our guard down a little.

Trials and hard times come without knocking, one day we are fine, and the next day we are knocked off our feet, blindsided.

Before we know it, we are in a whirlwind of doubt, worry, fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. There is a storm raging around us and we see no harbor, shelter, or refuge. Those hard times can either make or break us; we can get angry and completely lose it, or we can run as fast as we can to the One who helps and gives peace.

We are not Misfits – We are Beautiful Messes


We may think God can’t use or won’t use us, because maybe we feel we are “unimportant” or not smart enough or just feel we can’t. That could not be more wrong.

From a lowly shepherd boy to the worst sinners and doubters, God has used the most unlikely people to do the most amazing things.

When I write each of these posts, I write it in the mindset of wanting to encourage or help someone who needs it.

I want to spread a little bit of joy or positivity in the words that I write. I have a theme verse and a theme song for my blog, the verses are:

14 “You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.

15 Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house.

16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.

Matthew 5:14-16

And that is my ultimate goal.