Hello, Autumn – A Fall Themed Jelly Bean Post

According to the calendar, it is officially Fall. Autumn. Harvest Time.

Goodbye, Summer. Thanks for the fun and the memories made.

Hello, fall! Fall to me is falling leaves, warm apple pie, crisp autumn air, pumpkins with hay bales and cornstalks.

I love fall, summer and fall are my two favorite seasons. Summer is for making memories, going on adventures, barbeques, hot summer nights with lemonade, and fireflies.

Fall, to me, in one word is cozy. Autumn is a cozy season, and it is football season, y’all!!

Yeah, I love football…there’s another random fact about me.

Anyway! Back to our post!

To kick off the fall season, and the first of probably many fall-themed posts, I would love to share my favorite things about fall, some super easy DIY’s, some of my favorite fall products, and more.

Fall tends to have some dreary days…though while I write this we are in the middle of a heat wave it’s going to be 78 degrees and sunny today.

But those gloomy days are coming. For those days, I love to cozy up with a super-soft blanket, get a cup of tea or hot apple cider, and watch my favorite fall/cozy movies.

You’ve Got Mail (Amazon Link)

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (Amazon Link)

These two movies are my ultimate favorite fall movies, but there are other movies I classify as ‘cozy movies,

The Love Letter (Amazon Link)

What isn’t cozy about a Hallmark, hello!? This is a “time travel” romance that is fun to watch.

And of course, the sister movie to You’ve Got Mail

Sleepless in Seattle (Amazon Link)

While movies are fun, the ultimate cozy activity is reading!

I just updated my reading list (Click Here to see my list!!) And I have got some cozy mysteries on my list that are perfect for fall days.

Including….Her Royal Spyness Series (Amazon Link)

It is full of mystery, humor, intrigue, historical accounts, and a couple of dead bodies…each book will keep you guessing until the very end.

And an Agatha Christie style mystery

Murder at the Mena House by Erica Ruth Neubauer (Amazon Link)

But, before I can sit down and enjoy a cozy fall movie or read a good mystery, I have to have the right atmosphere.

Now, first off let me just say, I am not a crafty or artsy person, so when I say that these DIYs are easy, I mean it.

We have a large fireplace mantel I like to decorate for each season, this what I do for fall.

This project was super simple and fun to do, and best of all…it was cheap! The glass jars are from the dollar store, the foliage is from both the dollar store and Hobby Lobby, and it’s filled with beans.

That’s it!

Super pretty and very low-budget. Now the smaller jars are just filled with colored sand and just poured in layers. Again, really easy.

Now, fall is all about the pumpkins, am I right? And we love the pumpkins…or the pum-pums as my nephew calls them.

Living in the country, you can’t drive by a Co-Op, gas station, parking lot, or local farm without seeing the pumpkin wagon filled with all things fall harvest.

We have pumpkins everywhere, and for Halloween, carving never really works out. It’s difficult for one, and then literally within a week, it’s beginning to sag and rot. Not a pretty sight, which is why I like to do this!

I go online, and print out templates of different jack-o-lantern styles, cut them out, trace it onto the pumpkin, and then paint it!

Easy, fun, and still have that jack-o-lantern look without the rot!

Back in August my mom and I started stocking up on our favorite fall items…candles! You can’t have fall decorations without the scents of fall.

I can’t decide on which season has the best scents, Autumn or Christmas; I think it is a very close tie.

Our favorites, hands down, are Pumpkin Spice and Apple.

They are very cozy scents that just make you relax and enjoy the most beautiful season God has given us.

The trees are turning the most amazing shades of color, the air is turning crisp, pumpkins and cornstalks are seen in the fronts of homes, the smell of fall is in the air both inside and outside.

We all had high hopes for this year, goals were made, trips were planned, events were scheduled. Each one canceled or postponed.

The world has yet to feel “normal” again, and maybe this is the new normal, whatever it is. Don’t let a facemask or the news ruin a beautiful time of the year.

Go out, buy some pumpkins, candles, do some DIY’s, bring some Autumn magic into your home. Bring some normalcy back in by doing something normal. We can’t change the world, we have no control over it, but we do have control over how our world feels and looks.

October and November are dedicated times of the year where the primary focus is thankfulness and gratitude, bring some of it in with the sights and smells of Autumn.

God gave us this gorgeous time for a reason, take advantage of it.

Happy fall, y’all!!  

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