Summer Gratitude Round-Up

This is my last Friday post of September. Back in July, I ended the month with a July Thankful Round-up.

And I think it is a good idea to not only end the month but the summer, with a look back and find all the good things that happened.

This summer was crazy busy, a lot I can look back on and be thankful, other parts of the summer I am willing to dig a hole and bury.

Back in April, I didn’t even think this year would end on any high notes. Thee beginning of the year, in a word, was a mess. My dad was laid off from work, there was no toilet paper, we couldn’t go shopping, and everything just felt off.

And that, I think, is how I would describe our 2020 year so far…” off”. Just slightly off-kilter. But, despite that fact, we still had some good times. And those times are the ones we should dwell and look back on.

We got through it

This summer was a rollercoaster, there were ups and downs, and many loops that just kept going around and around.

There were times when I wanted to get off the coaster and run to the safety of the kiddie rides, but I got through it.

It is only by God’s unfailing grace that we got through this summer, and I am so thankful He had His hand on us. There were times when all you could do was breathe and pray. But we got through it, did it make us stronger? I don’t know, all I know is that I am glad some parts are over and we can move on.

Our Family grew by two!

This summer our family was blessed by two additions, one was born in May the other in July. And they both were boys! With the girls dominating the boys four to one, we were so excited and happy to have two boys!

It will be 16 years this December when God brought us to Wisconsin as a family of five, now we are a family of 14. I am so thankful for our additions.  Each of the births is a miracle of life that only God can create. And we now have seven little miracles…Christmas is going to be fun!

God kept Us Safe

Sometimes we may think “why doesn’t God answer our prayers?”, but He does. Every night we pray for safety for our family as they go to work, go to school, or as they do their daily tasks. And every day God answers that prayer. Our family is kept safe, there have been close calls, and near misses, and through it all, God shielded us from any possible danger. He answered our prayer. And He probably does more times than we realize.

Back to work

Due to the virus, my Dad was laid off from work for a total of 13 weeks. But he is now back and work is beginning to pick up again. While others are still out of work, I am so thankful that my Dad has his job back.

A New Name in Glory

One of the best things that happened this summer was one of my best friends from church got saved! She came to the realization she needed Jesus in her heart. We talked almost all morning about Christ and what He did for her, and how much He loves her and everyone. And now she is part of the family of God.

That was probably the highlight of the month.

Memories that never fades

I have mentioned this a few times in past posts, but I think I will forever be thankful for our trip to Door County. We knew the summer was going to get crazy, and we had been talking about going up there for the longest time, and with Dad off work, we just packed a lunch, got in the car, and went.

We went all the way to the peak of Wisconsin on the thumb part, and it was so much fun. It was a rare part of our summer that felt “normal.” And I am so happy we went.

We made small and big memories this year, each one is kept safe in my heart. Everyone should have a special “file” in their heart, just for memories.

It is those happy memories we can look back on during the difficult times, to remind us that good times are still ahead.

Don’t let the memories fade, remember them, and keep them close. You will be thankful you did.

So, those are the joys and highlights of my summer, now we are starting a new season. A season of thankfulness and gratitude. Kick-off the season by looking back with gratitude.

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