My Homeland Jelly Bean Post

Hello, World!

Yes, I am still alive. Though it may have looked like I dropped off the face of the earth, I’ve posted only once in the past week and a half.

In all the craziness that has ensued here lately, it’s inspired a really good post for Monday’s Devotional.

But, instead of waiting until Monday to post, I figured a Jelly Bean type post is the perfect way to get back into the groove of things.

There is an old John Denver song called ‘Country Roads’ and while the song talks of West Virginia, I can relate to the chorus

Country road, take me home to the place I belong.

We have a lot of country roads, and it’s where I call home.

I grew up on the country roads, miles and miles from the nearest highway or big city. It is now autumn, and now the roads are bursting with color.

While most people find joy and satisfaction in the big city and the skyscrapers, I was born a country girl, and one I will always be. I have said before that I live in a small town, and that’s true, but I live in the middle of the country farmland of Wisconsin. And that is a whole other thing. We have 8-wheel tractors driving by, taking up nearly the whole road.

When I step outside and take a breath of air, I don’t smell the city scents of cars and pollution. I smell the country; from the grain mills to the manure being spread on the nearby fields.

Wisconsin is the Dairy Capital of the U.S, so my area lives and breathes the country’s life, which is farming.

Most states are built on mega businesses or corporations, Wisconsin is built on small businesses and farms. Without the farms, Wisconsin and probably other states would shut down.

My dad is in the farming industry, the company he works for makes machines for the farmers. We all depend on the farmers, not many people realize how much of our farms makes the country run.

Wisconsin has more dairy cows than any other state (1,500,000), produces more milk than any other state, and 15% of the entire country’s milk. There are about 18,000 dairy farms in Wisconsin, and we produce 25 billion gallons of milk per year along with 2.5 billion lbs. of cheese per year.

And it’s all thanks to the farmers.

I am proud to live in Wisconsin, it is a very unique state to live in. You can get all four seasons in one week; you can get a sunburn and frostbite within 48 hours. One day can be 70+ degrees, and the next day it can be snowing.

But hey, that’s Wisconsin for ya, no other place I would like to call home.

Country road, take me home to the place I belong.

It has been a while since I have an introduction about myself, not that anything has changed, but it’s good to “reintroduce” myself.

So, here are some random facts about me.

  • I am a Christian. I believe in Jesus Christ who died for me on the cross and saved me from my sins.
  • I am an introvert. Shocking I know.
  • Music is a major part of me, I play piano and I am also the music director at my Church.  My iTunes/Pandora music list is as long as my to-read list.
  • I am a bookworm, going to the library is a weekly occurrence. I am cursed with a mile-long to-read list and a limited library catalog. And no, I don’t do Kindle or eBooks. I must have a book in my hand…Kindle does not have the same magic an actual book has.
  • The top shelf is my worst enemy, at 5’3 I can never reach that top shelf without help…and yes, if you are wondering, that is my height…I’ve stopped growing years ago
  • I speak three languages: Movie quotes, music lyrics, and sarcasm
  • I love moves; The Princess Bride is my favorite!
  • I am a huge Star Wars geek and Peanuts fan. Weird, I know, but I love BB-8 and Snoopy!!
  • My given name is actually Abigail, but I love Gabbi, and it suits me just fine.
  • And I like to find joy and fun in the simple things that most people take for granted or just don’t appreciate well.

Here is another fact about me, I am a photographer. I have been taking pictures since I was 12. I got my first Canon when I was around that age, started taking pictures and I haven’t stopped.

My photography name ‘Third Generation Photography’ well, it speaks for itself. My Grandpa was a professional photographer, my dad was, my brother is and now I am working my way there too.

I love photography because when you look through the lens of a camera, you see a whole new world.

A world you can only see through the lens; if you go into a forest, you will see the giant trees, leaves, and the sun. But when you look through the lens, you see the tiny bugs, the bark on the tree and its unique patterns and texture, you see the different shades of green, you see things that only a camera can show.

Over my years of photography, I’ve taken thousands of photos, but only a few I call my favorite; like this one…(forgive the watermarks, these are my pictures and I don’t want them taken)

Hey, if you like any of these pictures, or would like to see more, check out my Picfair page!

Photo Link

I call this ‘my barn’ because I’ve taken so many pictures of it. It sits alone in a field, nothing around it. I loved how the sunset lined up perfectly with the barn.

Photo Link

During winter, one has to get creative when it comes to activities. So, I had a photoshoot with a teacup and our fireplace. I love how the flames behind it look like it’s coming out of the cup. 

Photo Link

I love doing still life photography, and this is my favorite in that category.  My brother collects old cameras, so I borrowed one of them and took it for a ride!

Photo Link

This was the first picture I took when I got my Canon rebel, it is my piano and some Scrabble tiles.

Photo Link

Last summer we went to the fair at night. Something I love doing because I love seeing all the lights. This was my first time doing night photography and I loved the result.

Photo Link

I just took this one yesterday and I love it so much!!! I love the pop color, and how bold the sunflower is.

Well, those are my favorites. Again, if you would like to see more, or would like to purchase any of my pictures, here my photography pagePicfair Third Generation Photography

They would look great on a wall or in an office!

Thanks for reading today’s post! I will be back on Monday for a full week of posts!