How to Be a Good Rebel

First off, don’t panic with the title, it’s all good, trust me.

We live in a world where everything is classified or categorized as normal. And if something is off the normal scale, then people tend to freak or short-circuit. Malfunction!

But what is normal? It can be defined as conforming to a standard, type, or regular pattern. Conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.

The term normal usually refers to something typical or natural and something that most people do. Abnormal appears to be the opposite. So, normal is behavior that is typical, expected, and adjusts to a standard that the world has put in place.

It means we uphold a popular standard, the world’s standard. Too often we go too far to meet the standard of the world to meet the bar that has been set for us.

That is not a healthy lifestyle or any way to live a life. I want to talk about how to be a good rebel and how to go against the crowd.

And while the world may come to a screeching halt and people may stare and call you weird, it’s fine, the world will recover.

The other night I was browsing Pinterest, and I came across this pin

And I thought, yes!! My mind began spinning and I knew I was onto something good. Because this is what I’m talking about; too often I think we hold back on doing something because it goes against the norm or crowd. And the world has enough crowd followers, we need a few rebels, and I am going to “teach” you how to be a good rebel.

I should be pretty good on the subject; I’ve been a rebel for years. Though I’m going to warn you, being a rebel is a journey, you don’t become one overnight. Because the world will constantly try and get you to come back to the crowd. Fight, take the journey fighting, you never know where it will take you, or who you will meet on the way.

So, without further ado, how to be a rebel.

Let Jesus Shine

Too often we hold our faith back from the world because we are unsure of the reaction. Sometimes we are afraid to boldly live for Christ, but it’s worth it. That is the first step to being a rebel; the world will try and get you to stray from God. Fight. Rebel. God should be the only person we please. If we try and please the world, we will waste our time. Please God and leave the rest to Him.

Be Positive and Cheerful

Nothing goes against the crowd more than being cheerful and positive. Those are two traits you don’t find a lot of nowadays.

This is one of the top ways to be a rebel in any situation, if the crowd rushes to get out of the rain, we dance in it. The crowd might grumble the traffic is moving too slow, we blast the tunes and jam the time away.

Nothing is accomplished by going around being gloomy and Eeyore like. But we can do wonders to our health and mind by being cheerful and upbeat. Plus, it will drive people crazy, so it’s worth it.

Be a Little Reckless

Now I’m not telling you to drive over the speed limit. But every once in a while, throw caution to the wind, and do something reckless.

When you bake or cook, don’t be nit-picking neat, or follow the recipe. Want to throw some chocolate into a spaghetti sauce? Try it. Breakfast for dinner? Go for it. Make mess!

Want to paint your nails bright yellow? Yes!! Go big and do a messy art project. Like filling balloons with paint and then popping them or throwing them at a canvas…or a person.

It’s messy, reckless, and fun!

Have a Sense of Wonder and Imagination

Some people don’t have an imagination, and they just simply see the world as it is. But there is a whole other world within ours, and only the ones with a sense of wonder can see it. Grab a camera, pencil, pen, sketchbook, or paintbrush and find wonder.

It is found in the cracks of the sidewalks and buildings where tiny flowers grow, in the reflection of windows, the sun coming through the trees, and in the falling autumn leaves. Few ever find the true sense of wonder and imagination, but once you do, it will be yours to keep and treasure.

Be bold and bright

Sunflowers are quickly becoming my favorite flower. They are bold, bright, and always have their faces towards the sun.

The world needs more sunflowers; rebels willing to be bold like to stand out from the crowd.  

Be You

This goes back to those standards we talked about at first. The world has created a “mold” of what a person should look like, be, and act. Throw that mold out the window and be who God created you to be.

If you have flaws, don’t cover them, as the world tells us to, show them, don’t hide them

God doesn’t create mistakes or failures, He creates masterpieces.

Well, there ya go. Six ways to be a good rebel and to go against the norm. But, like I said, going against the norm is difficult.

Because we like normal, we know what to expect, and we find comfort in it even if it’s not good or healthy. What if we pursued a life that is better than normal?

As followers of Jesus, we’re called to live differently. The world tells us to follow our hearts, but we know that our hearts can be deceitful. The world says to have the perfect body, but we know that godliness should be our goal. The world tells us to put ourselves first, but we know that living a life where we give to others is more rewarding and kinder.

This is why we need to be rebels, to go against the crowd, and we may walk the path alone, but in the end, it will be worth it.