Going All In

It is so good to be back writing again! It has been too long since I have been consistent in my writing and blogging.

Time to get back into the groove of things. The holidays are over, time to get back to work. Ugh! Back to the daily grind.

Everyone looked back at 2020 with wide-eyed wonder, and now we look at 2021 with suspicion.  We want to look forward to the year, but are unsure what’s ahead.

You know, for me, last year wasn’t that bad. I grew a lot; I discovered a lot of things about myself and I grew closer to my friends. One of my best friends trusted Christ for salvation! Many good things happened last year. Last year’s theme was Growth. But now we are onto this year. This year’s theme is Growth by Going All In.

But, no matter what, this year I’m going to try and go all-in. No, Master Yoda wouldn’t like that

I am going to go all-in this year. Let me explain what I mean. Too often we sit on the sidelines and watch the world and life go by.

We don’t step in and take a chance or two. Sitting on the sidelines is comfortable and safe. Two things we love; comfort and safety.

But this year I am going all in. I have a goal list, and I plan on completing it by the end of the year, by going all-in and holding nothing back on my goals.

Going all in is scary in a way. It is stepping out into the unknown. A leap of faith.

Before we go all in, we need to know what we are going all-in for. For beginners, we should go all-in for Christ. To simply let go and let God guide us every moment this year.

Dive into His word with an all-in attitude and read chapters a day. Our Church has a reading program that has you reading so many chapters in the Old Testament and the New Testament every day. It’s a system that will take you through the Bible in one year.

There are 66 books in the Bible; 1,189 chapters; 783,137 words. Do we know every line? Do we know a part of every book? Probably not.

A person could know nothing about life or the world. But they could have a wealth of knowledge if they knew the Bible.

There is an unlimited source of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding found in the Bible, it is there, just waiting to be read.

In my daily planner, I have different devotions I do every day, and this year I plan on reading the whole Bible. How many people can say that they have done that?

Another way or thing to go all is simply enjoy life. One of the many reasons we sit on the sidelines (besides it being comfortable and safe) is that worry and overthinking holds us back.

I tend to hold back and play it safe, but this year if I have an opportunity to do something bold or new I’m going to do it! (Insert panic screaming here)

My primary goal this year is to live fully and go all in, in all that I do. Sunday, I made out a goal list for this year, and I hope and pray that I come complete it.

 My list is not extravagant but it has items listed out that I’ve been wanting to accomplish. While some are personal, some of my goals this year are; read a classic book or two.

This goal was brought on in two parts. The first part was watching Jeopardy one night with my parents and realized how little I knew of classic literature. If I ever need to lower my I.Q level, I watch Jeopardy.

The second part came from one of my best friends who just finished reading Jane Eyre. And that was the last straw! I want to join the ranks of classic literature readers.

It is time to expand my knowledge and read more, I’m going all-in on my reading. I will also be reading the Narnia series as well.

Be more disciplined and finish started projects is on my list. I have a lot of projects that I started with good intentions, but now sit unfinished. I want to take time and finish them all before I start any new projects. And to simply be more disciplined in all that I do. After a week of being pumped about getting stuff done, we begin to lose steam and focus. But not this time, I know the consequences of losing focus and not getting my daily list done. I don’t want to keep falling into the pit of not completing anything because I was wishy-washy.

Your only limit in each of your tasks is you. You make the call on how you will or will not accomplish things.   

Near the middle of my list is chill more and be more positive. I have this superpower called Anxiety Girl! Able to leap to the worst possible conclusion possible!

And I would like to change that this year. This one is going to take a lot of work, but in the end, it is going to be worth it. I might have to rewire my system, but it has to be done.

As for the positive part, that will come when I take time each day to be grateful for something. Taking out my gratitude journal and taking the time to dwell on all the good things of each day.

To become better at my writing and blogging is also on the list. My blog can and will improve; my writing will become better the more I do it. New blog post ideas are going to be in the works, along with growth in my writing and style of writing.

There is more on the list, but those are for me. But whatever the goal, I am going all in. This will be my year to go all in and complete a much-needed goal list.

I am ready to go all-in this year, are you?