The Underappreciated Life of an Artist

Good Morning!

As I said in my last post, my laptop has been giving me trouble, making it difficult to post. I am going to try my best and stay on schedule, but we shall see.

Some of you might know that I am running two blogs now. This one and another one called The Starving Hobbit. It’s kind of fun starting and running a new blog. Plus, since it is my second blog, I know what to do and what not to do; as I learned with my first blog.

A few weeks ago, on my Hobbit page, I wrote an introductory post and talked about the bones of my blog. The who, what, and why of my Hobbit.

It has been a while since I’ve written something similar on here, so I guess it’s high time. I’ve been blogging for almost a year and a half now, and sometimes I feel like I am on page 300 of the Google search. But it’s been a learning experience though, in that year and a half, my blog has come a long way.

Starting as The Gabbi Journal, and writing to a void of silence. And now with a better name and a direction in which I want my blog to go, I sometimes feel I’m writing to a void. Though I know I am not.

Being a blogger is difficult; whenever I meet someone new (which is not often, thank goodness) the automatic question I receive is; so, what do you do? And then they give me one option to pick from; are you in college or…? The question just hangs in the air. Like the person has no comprehension beyond college for a person in their twenty’s.

And then when I say no; I am a blogger/writer. They just stare, and their brain overheats trying to compute what I just said.

I begin to expand about my blogs and that I am writing a book, which extinguishes the overheating a little. I can’t wait to publish my book, so I can say I’m an author and/or writer.

Usually, the next question is; do you make an income from that? Ah, yes, money. The thing that makes the world go round.

Yes, I can make an income from my blog, and the main source which I can receive said income is through Amazon ads. I put in hours of research and questioning other bloggers as to how to make an income, and they all said Amazon.

So, that is what I am trying to do. I don’t put my Amazon ads in my posts to annoy you, I put them there like a shop owner would put their products in the shop window to catch your eye.

And if one does, and you happen to purchase from me, the income is not going to questionable sources or midnight parties. I’m simply trying to save up a little money to buy a new laptop.

Still, the world of writers and bloggers is misunderstood, especially ones that are just starting and stepping into a whole new world.

There are millions of people in the world; each has a trade, art, or expertise. You have really smart people like nurses, doctors, archaeologists, and scientists. Then you have the complex, underappreciated world of artists. A group of people who are smart in their unique way.

Artists are a fickle bunch because each one is different and complicated. And we are put into one category without the chance to explain that there are dozens of different types of artists.

When someone hears the word artist, they automatically think of an artist; a painter, sketcher, illustrator even.

But the world of artistry goes deeper than simple paint and canvas. Some of the definitions of an artist are:

A person who practices any type of creative arts, such as a sculpture, novelist, poet, or filmmaker

Just like any art form, writers use words to create stories and words, like an artist uses paints and colors

And just like an artist, writers need to hear feedback. If a painter hangs his painting in a gallery, and everyone just walks by without a comment the artist will doubt his or her work and get discouraged. In this day and age, with the world caught up in politics and the problems of today, artists get lost in it all.

Artists try and make the world see things differently and better. We simply want to make our world a better place and make people see beyond their noses. People just don’t care anymore. And we suffer because of it. No feedback equals doubt. But we continue to push, hoping that someday, something will break and people will care again.

People think of a blogger as someone who sits around all day and does nothing. Well, let me give you a small peek into my life as a writer and blogger.

First, since I have two blogs, I try and be creating new content every day. I write out my post in my notebook as a first rough draft. As I write I do my research of needed Bible verses and facts. Then I type out the post, editing and adding as I go. I then create the needed graphics for the post, which takes quite a while. My post is proofread, and then I upload both the post and graphics onto WordPress, add the needed tags for my SEO, so my post can appear in Google searches.

Right before I post, I add in my coding for my Amazon links and ads. And then I click publish!

After that, I then upload to Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Each post can take hours from start to publish.

And then I start to think about tomorrow’s post. Then I get on to my book and other daily tasks, including a mountain of piano work. So, that is a small look into my life as a writer. A life that, at this point, I would not want to give up.

I’ve had many heart-to-heart talks with my mom about God’s will for me. Because I tend to get frustrated that to me, God is silent.

But, where one might call silence, God might be saying “hold on” or “just wait and trust me” or even “open your heart and mind, let go and let Me show you.”

The life that I lead now, as a writer, I believe God gave me. Maybe one day that will change; but until then, I will continue to write, pray and hold on.

And try not to have internal screaming or dread every time I meet someone new and I’m hit with the dreaded question.

So, what if my path is not the norm?  If this is my God-given path, I will stay on it until He shows me something else.

My name is Abigail Holmes; writer of two blogs, crafting a book, and just trying to God’s will for my life.

Who are You?