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Here is my long overdue reading list! I keep forgetting to update it, but, without further ado, here it is!

Starting the list is a favorite series that I have read once already. I was more than halfway through the series when I realized everything I was reading was historically accurate. So, I am reading it again, and loving the books just as much as I did the first time.

Her Royal Spyness by Rhys Bowen (Amazon Link)

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Meet Lady Victoria Georgiana Charlotte Eugenie, know by her friends as Georgie. She is 34th in line for the English throne, flat broke due to the Great Depression and she just found a dead body in her bathtub.

It is the 1930s, and the Queen has a mission for her, spy on Prince David and his “friend” Wallis Simpson.

While Georgie is willing to take on the mission, there is a problem with the Frenchmen in her bathtub…

With real characters as the King and Queen of England, and fictional ones as Georgie’s best friend Belinda and the mysterious Lord Darcy O’Mara.

The Royal Spyness Series is full of mystery, humor, intrigue, historical accounts, and a couple of dead bodies…each book will keep you guessing until the very end.

I am almost done with book 2 called A Royal Pain and book 3 is called Royal Flush.

One of the many things I love about the books is how you “grow” with Georgie. In the beginning, she is clumsy and a tad naïve. But as the books progress, she grows out of it and discovers what she capable of. And it’s more than solving a mystery or two.

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The Haunting at Bonaventure Circus by Jamie Jo Wright (Amazon Link)

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Talk about a major book “nerd” moment. I knew this book just came out, and lo and behold my library had it! And even better, it had not even been put on the shelf yet! We were the first ones to check it out!

And I say “we” because I have not read it yet, as my mother claimed it as soon as we got home…so I can’t tell you much about the book.

But, if it is anything like her other books, it is going to be a winner, as all of her books are.

Nobody does dual timelines quite like Jaime Jo Wright; it begins in 1928 at the Bonaventure Circus and goes back and forth between then and present day, where Chandler Faulk dives into the history of an abandoned circus train depot. And she will uncover more than cobwebs in the rafters. My mom couldn’t put it down.

Next up is

Murder at the Mena House by Erica Ruth Neubauer (Amazon Link)

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Yes, I have been in the mood for mysteries…This book is so Agatha Christie, and I love it!

Taking place in 1926 in Egypt, recently widowed American Jane Wunderly, is swept to Egypt with her Aunt Millie on a holiday she will never forget.

While she would rather explore the Great Pyramids of Giza, there is a large group of people staying at the same hotel as Jane and Aunt Millie. Each guest has a secret and one is willing to keep it quiet at all costs.

Anna Stainton is a beautiful socialite and she is used to getting her own way, and she does not like sharing the spotlight, especially with Jane. But Jane soon becomes the center of attention when she’s the one standing over her unintentional rival’s dead body.

After being accused of the crime and not knowing who to trust, and her Aunt acting secretive, Jane takes on the task of finding the culprit herself.

Can Jane excavate the horrible truth before her future falls to ruin in Cairo . . . and the body count rises like the desert heat?

Let’s end on a “light” book, shall we?

Making waves by Lorna Seilstand (Amazon Link)

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While I was waiting for a library staff member to find Her Royal Spyness, I saw this book on the shelf, after reading the back of it, I took a chance and checked it out. And I am so glad I did.

I was literally laughing on the first page.

It is 1895, Marguerite Westing discovers that her family will summer at Lake Manawa. She could not be more excited, because she thinks this is the perfect way to escape her boring suitor, Roger Gordon.

Marguerite is soon disappointed to find he too will be on holiday in the same area. Her disappointment though is short lived, when she discovers sailing instructor Trip Andrews and the joy of sailing on a boat.

There is just one problem, it is 1895, and ladies are not permitted to sail. But, where there is a will, there has to be a way. And Marguerite is determined to find a way, but it will have to be in between dealing with Roger Gordon, whom she swears will die from boredom from and her mother who adores Roger.

But soon the summer takes a very unexpected twist, and Marguerite will have to make a decision that is way beyond sailing.

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